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Our Delphi System is the interface where all candidate information comes together; it is the cornerstone of our talent screening process.

This unique system utilizes psychometric testing to instantly analyze candidates’ personality and learning styles. Delphi then compares these outcomes to the styles of management teams, key performers, or the unique job role. Using Delphi, you have the capacity to make informed, holistic hiring decisions that are proven to result in better teams.

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Corporations have been using psychometric testing for decades to identify the best candidates and improve performance.

Unfortunately, the resources required for such sophisticated systems are commonly unattainable for most companies.

The AI Behind Intrideo’s Psychometrics

By partnering with Dotin, Intrideo has utilized its unique AI software
to create a unique and powerful tool that gives you the same talent
screening and selection power as a Fortune 500 company.

How Delphi

Our Delphi System attracts, engages, and screens potential team members to ensure clients are continually positioned to hire the best fit.

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See the best candidates first

Build a stronger, better team

1. Analyze

Everyone has preferences for colours and patterns. Professionals in marketing, interior design, and fashion have utilized the science behind this understanding for decades.

Delphi takes this knowledge to the next level through the power of AI computing. Candidates are asked to select colour and pattern images they prefer from a scrolling list in 60 seconds. These selections are instantly processed by our AI system to identify the candidate's unique personality profile with over 85% accuracy.

2. See the best candidates first

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Personalities and psychometric profiles define our natural inclinations with regard to job performance, interests, and personal relationships. Delphi takes the results and instantly compares them in several unique ways.

  • Against your existing team: great teams are composed of individuals that just ‘fit’. Delphi knows who will work best together.
  • Against other great performers: Delphi can measure candidate personalities and look for individuals who are similar to your other great hires.
  • Against the job: Delphi has analyzed hundreds of roles and knows the ideal personality type for each job.

3. Build a stronger, better team

Delphi’s work doesn’t stop once you have hired. Just as no two people are the same, Delphi will provide you with the tools to help uncover and develop each team member's greatest potential. Delphi will pair team members with their ideal team and explain how to best coach these individuals. Through Delphi you can help your team excel faster, more organically than ever before.

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Our partner, Dotin’s innovative AI software has garnered international attention in improving talent management & growth including:

Top 70 Silicon Valley Venture
Top 20 Cognitive Solutions Reward
Hottest Startup Silicon Valley Award