Intrideo DFC

Restaurant Manager

Ditch your old office filing cabinet!

Replace it with our Digital Filing Cabinet designed just for the service industry.

Digital Filing Cabinet

Your All-in-One Digital Filing Cabinet

An electronic solution to automate the traditional employee sign-off process and document storage system. Our DFC streamlines the onboarding process, keeping your confidential employee information secure and organized to meet all of your compliance and operational needs.

Onboard Employees in 3 Easy Steps

Newly Hire

1. Hire your new employee

2. Send all required documents to them with one click

3. Get notified when they're reviewed and completed

Instant Benefits

Save Time

​​​​​​​Reduce time spent printing, completing, sorting, and retrieving paperwork.


Comfort knowing you can instantly audit files for compliance.

Secure Files

Security knowing that your employees confidential information is safe.

Save Money

Save money printing and storing countless pages.

Get your DFC today

for as little as $10/location per month