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Recruit the best team members.

Intrideo SERVE helps you make faster, better hiring decisions while managing unique service industry challenges including high turnover, seasonal staffing, team development, and more.

"I enthusiastically recommend you do a test run with [Intrideo]. You won't be sorry!"

- Tom Feltenstein, Former Senior Marketing Executive McDonald's

What our clients are saying

Our Innovative 360 Recruitment

Hiring with Technology

Guest Recruitment

Mid-Applicant Volume – Good ROI

Includes Always-Hiring systems with features such as in-store POP, QR code Easy-Apply systems, and Guest WiFi Recruitment (optional depending on current provider).

Smiling Workers

Employee Referrals

Lowest Applicant Volume – Best ROI

Includes Easy-Share & Easy-Apply systems to track and incentivize referrals from your team members so they can be recognized for their efforts.

Handshake with the right Candidate

Outside Recruitment

Highest Applicant Volume – Lower ROI

Includes all online recruitment such as job banks and our powerful 360 Recruitment Campaign.

Tim Hortons
Taco Bell
Swiss Chalet
St. Louis Bar & Grill